Welcome to the LightChase Photography Tours !

The website has two major purposes. The first is for photographers who experienced the tour and wish to share images created during the tour. This sharing will enable everyone involved to increase their learning opportunities by being able to see what their fellow photographers on the tour created. It is always interesting to see what another photographer created in the same place you were photographing as well. Group Chemistry is always important on a LightChase Photography Tour, and this website is a vehicle for carrying on the great chemistry created while on tour.

The second purpose is to share the photographic experience with those who did not have the opportunity to travel, experience, and photograph with us on a particular tour. You, too, can see the images created during the tour to the exciting places experienced. In a virtual sense, you can “join” us for the adventure through the images of the photographers who lived the experience, the light, the chemistry, and the excitement!

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The slideshow below uses images from the gallery, "Polar Bears and Northern Lights."
Blue Sky Dog Sled Tent and Northern Lights - Churchill, Manitoba, Canada - Paul Riewerts - November 2015